The Process

This process begins with a no fee initial meeting with the client to determine how the firm came help the client acheive their vision. Often the architect can help the client determine their next step.  If the firm is engaged the following phases are usually followed to complete the project .

Schematic Design Phase

1.  Development of program requirements
2.  Analysis of program requirements
3.  Development of master planning elements
4.  Development of floor plans
5.  Development of elevation sketches/renderings
6.  Explanation of plans to extended groups for the client
7.  LEED planning
8.  Estimated cost

Design Development Phase

1.  Involvement of consulting engineers to develop structural, mechanical and electrical systems
2.  Refine floor plans/master plan/elevations
3.  Involvement of any specialized system consultants such as acoustical, lighting, food services, computer or other specialists

Bid Phase

1.  Soliciting for bids (either general contractors or prime subs if design build)
2.  Receiving bids
3.  Awarding/negotiating contract
4.  Preparation of owner/contractor agreement (contract)

Construction Document Phase

1.  Completion of architectural plans and specifications
2.  Completion of structural plans and specifications
3.  Completion of mechanical plans and specifications
4.  Completion of plumbing plans and specifications
5.  Completion of electrical plans and specifications
6.  Completion of landscape plans and specifications
7.  Completion of civil plans and specifications

Construction Administration Phase

1.  Review shop drawings
2.  Monthly meetings
3.  Site visitation
4.  Review and approval of application for payments
5.  Final Inspection

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